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  • What is special about the SBNP Player Development Program compared to other basketball training programs?
    Shoot Basketballs NOT People Player Development Program is nationally recognized as one of the best basketball player development programs in the country. The program utilizes performance training, coaching techniques, and basketball fundamentals to develop a complete basketball player. In short, members who attend our program are more likely to become better players overall.
  • Who is this program for?
    This program is designed for boys and girls, ages 10-17 (Grades 5-11th) who not only enjoy the game of basketball, but who also have an interest in playing on school or community basketball teams.
  • What skills will my child develop from attending this program?
    An understanding of how to become an efficient and effective player on the court. An enhanced sense of self-confidence and high self-esteem that will transfer into other areas of their lives. increased basketball knowledge by practicing specifically designed drills and techniques in an intensive and fun environment.
  • What will members need to bring to the program?
    Members will need the following items: A clean, regulation-size, fully inflated basketball Proper basketball shoes and apparel (shorts and t-shirts are appropriate, but a uniform will be provided) A snack and a full spill-proof water bottle (there is no refrigeration available, so please pack accordingly) A positive coachable attitude and a willingness to work hard
  • Do members practice and play together?
    Yes! All players play together.
  • What is the benefit in returning to the program?
    Members benefit from continuous sessions at the Shoot Basketballs NOT People Player Development Program. Sessions are developed to be built upon and players work on mastering lessons from previous sessions. This not only strengthens a player's "muscle memory" but as the participant progresses, they will continue to learn and develop higher level skills. Many of our participants have attended 4 or more sessions with us.
  • What qualifications and professional experience do the coaches and counselors at Shoot Basketballs NOT People Player Development Program have?
    All coaches have college basketball experience and specialized training from the program's founder, Garry Mills. Many are former participants.
  • Does the Shoot Basketballs NOT People Player Development Program perform the same drills at every session?
    Yes! The fundamental drills remain the same for all skill levels. As a participant's ability improves, they are exposed to higher level drills and ball-handling skills. The importance of muscle memory, building a consistent work ethic, and developing a strong foundation is critical to mastering the fundamentals of basketball.
  • Will participants be behind if they miss a day or have to leave early?
    It is common for participants to occasionally miss a day or leave early/arrive late. We realize that personal schedules require flexibility. If a participant misses instructions for a new drill or ball-handling move, we will do our best to ensure they get one-on-one and/or small group time with a coach to bring them up to speed.
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