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Check Our Partners

Thank you to these past and present partners that believed in this mission.

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Founder/ Executive Director

Garry Mills

Garry Mills is an inspirer. A charismatic young man that children admire and respect, and a young man that parents respect and value. The two rr's in his name reflect the double commitment to leaving an impact upon his community and to changing and saving the lives of young black children: male and female. Garry Mills is making a mark upon his community and the youth that live within it.

As young black males in the world are endangered, in the community at large and within neighborhoods, Garry is determined that young black men have the God-given right to become old black men; fathers, husbands, uncles, and grandparents. His experience with the sport of basketball and the mentoring that he received through being part of a team, along with seeing far too many of his contemporaries ending up in prison or dead, inspired him to establish Shoot Basketball Not People.



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