Player Development Camps

Player Development Basketball Camps on Saturdays (Elementary 1-3pm & Middle School 3-5pm) and Sundays (9am to 1pm - High School)

Starting Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

Location: The Lenfest Center, 3890 North 10th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140

The Program

The SBNP Youth Co-Ed Player Development Camps teaches the fundamentals of basketball to youth ages 6 – 17 and incorporates its core objectives to help reduce gun related violence in Philadelphia, PA. The design of the program is to implement strict educational and life skills to help ensure that the player focuses on success in a self-sustaining career. The coaches and staff will serve as role models to the players, providing a positive influence that promotes education as part of achieving success while adamantly advocating non-violence. By incorporating a mentorship program, players will be surrounded by positive and influential adults who propose opportunities that discourage crime and assist with the accomplishment of producing productive members of society.

Skills Training

There are a total of (3) player development camps held each month with each camp running for a duration of four consecutive weeks. Classes are structured by school level, which is determined by an initial skill assessment upon registering for the program. Each class consists of lecture instruction by a volunteer guest speaker on topics dealing with physical fitness, nutrition, life skills, and the importance of education.

Skills Focus: Guards | Forward & Centers

Ball Handling  |  Court IQ  |  Shooting  |  Passing  |  Defense  |  Rebounding  |  Explosion Technique  |  Footwork/Balance  |  Fundamentals Post Moves


Classes are taught by properly screened volunteer instructors. An application and interview process has been designed to ensure that the staff is highly qualified and fully aware of the procedures and policies of the program. Each volunteer staff member will be required to complete a Criminal Background Clearance as well as a Child Abuse Clearance ensuring the eligibility and legal compliance for working around youth. The leadership team will review the potential incumbent’s character, and previous experience to ensure he or she is a match for the position.

The criteria for which candidates will be evaluated include:

  • Experience in coaching a team and/or player development
  • Leadership skills and abilities
  • Passionate about providing mentorship to children or younger adults
  • Flexibility with scheduling
  • Educational level

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