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Social Media Action Kit

Commit With Us to Save Children from Gun Violence

From 2021 - Present, Over 500 people have been victims of gun violence in the city of Philadelphia. Shoot Basketballs NOT People is founded and led by Garry Mills whose loved ones and friends were murdered in the tragic shootings.

Shoot Basketballs NOT People is a non-profit organization located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our mission is to use basketball as a
vehicle to change and save lives.

At Shoot Basketballs NOT People, we focus on helping youth to gain mental clarity through provided resources, supportive services,
education and guidance to develop positive interactions. Our services will help youths’ psychological well-being and satisfactory adjustment to society and to the demands of everyday life.

At Shoot Basketballs NOT People, we aim to introduce more programs/activities in future such as SSAT test tutoring, NCAA Clearinghouse Classes, Financial Literacy Classes, Nutrition Education etc. in order to get the youths and parents engaged together.

Vision Statement: Our vision is to become the organization that will change the future of all youth who struggle with the peer pressure of conforming to negative measures as a way of life. Our vision reflects our values: integrity, service, excellence, and teamwork.

Less Excuses. More Adjustments.

Each person can play their part in decreasing gun violence! We’re thankful for your support.

  • Post SBNP graphics, sample messages, or photo frames on any social media channel.

  • Learn and share our blog about gun violence has impacted high school sports.

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  •  Follow us and share our posts: @joinsbnp on Twitter and @joinsbnp on Instagram and Facebook (, and When you post, be sure to tag us and include #ShootBasketballsNOTPeople #LessExcusesMoreAdjustments.

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View and download your top SBNP images. When you post on social media channels, use one the SBNP sample messages or include your own photo or video.

Sample Messages

Copy and customize these sample posts to share on your social media channels. Include one of our graphics or post with your own photo or video.

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  • I am committed to #ShootBasketballsNOTPeople Get involved and make a commitment at

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  • Learn and educate yourself on the latest resources in youth basketball. Text JOINSBNP to 1 (855) 953-0700. #ShootBasketballsNOTPeople #LessExcusesMoreAdjustments

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SBNP Photo Frames

Help raise awareness on your social media. Take a selfie then post your photo with a Shoot Basketballs NOT People frame. Here are some options:

Download one of the transparent files below and add your photo using Abode or Canva design tool. Or simply use the Shoot Basketballs NOT People logo as your profile photo.

Use these Canva templates. You will need to sign up or log in to a free Canva account, upload your photo, then drag and drop into the
template of your choice.

More Ways To Stay Committed With Us to Save Children from Gun Violence

Real commitment in urban neighborhoods to decrease gun violence and playground safety isn’t possible without citizens like you. Because of the SBNP supporters, coaches, and volunteers, lives are being saved.

Volunteer to Help. SBNP volunteers who support programs, awareness and fundraising on the local level.

Give to the SBNP. Your financial supports our SBNP Player Development programs into more schools and communities.

Thank you for committing with SBNP! We are thankful for your support!

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