Basketball clinic teaches local youths to embrace nonviolence

from Philadelphia, PA to Akron, OH

Eleven-year-old Jordan Huling gave up sleeping in on Presidents Day to play basketball.

“I just came to have some fun and learn some new basketball skills, but it’s called ‘Shoot Basketballs Not People,’ so I was thinking they want us to play more basketball and not kill people,” said Jordan, a fifth-grader at Akron’s Case Elementary School. “It makes sense because if you’re occupied doing something positive, it keeps you from doing things that are wrong. Basketball takes a team effort, so it teaches you how to get along with other people and work together.”

Shoot Basketballs Not People is a Philadelphia-based nonprofit organization that aims to do exactly what Jordan discerned — teach fundamental basketball skills while promoting healthy lifestyle choices. It also works to increase participation in sports and to help parents support children in sports and in the classroom.

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